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Which Impulse Coffees flavour tastes best hot or cold?

There are two types of people in the world - people who like their coffee cold and others who like it piping hot. But I also know many of us belong to the third category, people who like both! I belong to the latter and choose whether I want to have hot or cold coffee based on my mood. But recently while trying different concoctions of Impulse Coffees flavours, I had a revelation. I preferred certain coffee flavours when they were either hot or cold. So we are here to uncover the mystery and find out, which flavour from Impulse Coffees tastes best when served hot or cold.

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3 coffee and snack combinations that are perfect for the monsoons!

Imagine this - it is pouring outside, and you’ve just made yourself a cup of Impulse Coffees. You’re all set to stand on your windowsill and enjoy your cup of evening coffee, but this weather demands something more. When the weather is so pleasant, your coffee needs a partner too. Elevate your evening coffee experience and pair it with a snack that is delicious and pairs perfectly with your coffee. We are here with three classic snack options that taste absolutely divine with coffee and are sure to be a fulfilling evening snack! BhajiyaAre you even a desi soul if you don’t crave bhajiya every time it starts to rain? Eating garam bhajiya with a cup of Impulse Coffees is...

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