2022 recap

A recap of 2022 at Impulse Coffees!

A recap of 2022 at Impulse Coffees!

For Impulse Coffees, 2022 has been a rollercoaster of a year! After one year of launching, it is safe to say we’ve had our fair share of highs and lows. As we inch closer to the end of 2022, let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about our achievements.

February, the launch of Pyaarbhari Chocolate Raspberry
Less than three months into the business, the small team of Impulse Coffees was ready to launch their 4th flavour. Our founder, Sarah Sarosh was confident in the flavour but unsure of the response. Experimenting with a flavour like chocolate raspberry was a risk that surely paid off! It’s loved by our customers and still is a one-of-a-kind flavour on the market.

“I still remember how much back and forth went into perfecting this launch. My vision of launching this on 14th February seemed so difficult because of multiple backend issues. But somehow, my team and I pulled through and created the most प्यारा flavour! The process of launching Pyaarbhari Chocolate Raspberry will always be a huge win for me because of how much my Impulse Hustlers have loved it. From our Ad to the coffee itself, I am proud of it all ” says Sarah.

July, the launch of the ‘Bade Miyan Collection’
At Impulse Coffees, customer feedback plays a huge role in our decision-making process. Six months into building Impulse, the most common demand was bigger jars. Launching 100-gram jars was also very important to us as a bigger jar ensured our customers could restock easily. It may not be our best-selling product, but we are extremely proud of it.

August, the formation of SASS Enterprises Pvt Ltd
“Deciding to move from a proprietorship to a Pvt Ltd wasn’t a move I had anticipated making. I was not aware of the legalities and paperwork that would come with this, but it was one of the best decisions I have made. A Pvt Ltd company that is recognised by the government helps us have a strong standing. It is also a stepping stone for me to bring my future visions to life. I went from CEO and Founder of Impulse Coffees to Managing Director at SASS Enterprises Pvt Ltd, which makes me feel super proud!” says Sarah Sarosh. 

December, launching Hum Tum aur Hot Chocolate
Team Impulse was very confident during the launch of Hum Tum aur Hot Chocolate, but the love that was shown to this launch was unexpected. Our top request was to launch a non-coffee product and an instant drinking hot chocolate was the perfect pick. It is loved by all age groups and was the most apt winter launch! Our final variation of Hum Tum aur Hot Chocolate is rich, delicious, comforting and a complete bang for your buck. At Impulse Coffees we hold this launch very close to our heart and it was a great way for us to end the year!

“I also wanted to highlight my biggest win for the year - My team. I started Impulse Coffees by myself and have now formed a solid team. I hold the people I work with very close to my heart and the people that have been by my side are my pride and joy. Many people have come and gone, but I know with my current team I can bring my vision to life and grow Impulse Coffees.

So while 2022 had its ups and downs, I will always learn my lessons and stride ahead. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Impulse Coffees and am super excited to take on 2023!” says Sarah Sarosh.

- Payal Upase

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Heyyy i am biggest fan yrr uh are fire…. I am proud of you….. Seriously….❤️❤️ love you….yrr and thanks for motivating many women… ….

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