Espresso some love for yourself! ❤️☕️

Espresso some love for yourself! ❤️☕️

Growing up, I used to watch movies that made a very big deal about this dreamy girl, going about life, with the purpose of finding true love. After watching hundreds of such stories I was convinced about this idea of ‘love’ from someone else is the only one that would make me feel special! I thought that every girl should have one purpose only, and that was searching for the guy of her dreams. And I am sure, you’ve thought this way too.

It took me a long time to understand that MY self-worth never came from someone else’s love for me. Instead, it came from doing things on my own, learning something new, accomplishing a goal, growing from my mistakes. 

A movie that altered my thought process towards the idea of love was ‘Dear Zindagi’. I understood the concept of self-love and it was such a revelation! That was when I understood, that there was nothing wrong with having a purpose of chasing after your dreams and working on yourself.

I’ve always found Valentine’s day to have a lot of puffery around love from your partners. Given these unforgiving, competitive times we live in, I wish someone had told me how important it is to love and believe in yourself first. I truly think Valentine’s day should just be about love in any form, not just grand gestures!

You may wonder, what is self-love?

It’s a journey. It’s about celebrating your achievements, while being sympathetic towards yourself in the tough times. There are no conditions, labels or  expectations, you define your own self love. Whenever you do an act of kindness towards yourself, it is love! Whether it’s treating yourself with good food after you’ve worked hard, doing your nails or going for a long drive to cheer yourself.

For me, self-love comes in the form of a good cup of coffee! I can’t resist drinking a huge mug on Sunday mornings sitting on my window listening to music and unwinding from a long week! 

Honestly, I think it’s a privilege, as a human who is imperfect yet trying your best, to love yourself first. It is a rocky road, but we highly encourage you to love yourself first, before you go buying heart shaped chocolates for your ‘Valentine’!

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- Roashni Rathod

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