Welcome to a piping hot episode of Coffee with Sarah! ☕️

Welcome to a piping hot episode of Coffee with Sarah! ☕️

We recently had an interesting chat with Sarah Sarosh, CEO and founder of Impulse Coffees. In this conversation, Sarah reveals the inner workings of this company and the inspiration behind its name, origins and more!

1. When and why did you decide to start Impulse Coffees as your brand?
Initially, I barely shared my love for coffee and food on my socials. At the start of my Youtube career, I was predominantly a beauty content creator and mostly made makeup and skincare videos. It was only natural for my followers to assume that if I ever came up with a brand of my own, it would be in the makeup and skincare category.

While I love makeup and skincare, I felt much more passionate about coffee. My love for coffee is deep-rooted in my childhood experiences. I vividly remember enjoying filter coffee and dosa at my Nani’s place as a kid. She was always so particular about the taste, type of coffee and the quantity of milk and sugar being perfectly balanced. It was her learnings that I’ve tried to replicate in Impulse Coffees.

I’ve tried several brands of instant coffee looking for the nostalgic taste that was ‘just perfect’ but something was always lacking. This is when it struck me that I should start a coffee brand! I knew that I could bring that perfect blend of taste and quality all packed in a jar which I found missing in every other brand. And that’s the origin story of Impulse Coffees.

2. Being a start-up, who did you go to for business advice?
As most people know, I studied to be an occupational therapist! I wasn’t very knowledgeable about business, finance or e-commerce. One advantage of coming from a family of business owners is that I’ve seen the realities of running one firsthand. This helped me be quite realistic about the hardships and challenges I would face from day one.

Despite coming from a manufacturing background, my father always guided me when it came to my approach to dealing with vendors, practical aspects of hiring a CA, lawyers or shaping my thought process like a business person. Till today, I run all of my decisions by him, because his experience has proven invaluable. However, the e-commerce side of things was quite complex to figure out. My friend, Yashodhan, from medical school, has been a constant support through this!

3. How much work goes into starting a company?
Everyone knows that starting a company is a huge investment of capital, mental energy and time. Ever since I came up with the idea of starting my business it has become the focal point of my attention and mental space every single day. Starting a business is not enough, it takes equal work in keeping the company running and your boat afloat till you start making measurable profits. It’s a lot of perseverance and consistent efforts that are keeping it going.

4. What are your future goals for Impulse Coffees?
Well for me, the sky's the limit! I want to create a monopoly in the instant coffee market. If it’s coffee, it should be Impulse. I vehemently believe in my product, because of the lengths I've gone through to ensure its premium quality and perfection in taste. My aim in the near future is to see it in retail stores, and eventually be shipped internationally as well! I would love to have a cafe for Impulse or have it sold at cafes too. It has the potential to become a  recognised brand globally and flourish!

5. For some who haven’t watched your videos personally and were introduced to Impulse Coffees first, can you tell us why you chose the name Impulse Coffees?
I think impulsivity is a trait that is the very embodiment of who I am. I’ve not attached my name to this brand, but it is a part of me through the essence of being an impulsive, Aquarius girl boss woman!

- Roashni Rathod

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Sonal Moga

Sonal Moga

I have seen Sarah Sarosh grow into this business woman. I am an OG subscriber. It has been quite a journey. Impulse coffee is her baby and I am sure it will grow leaps and bounds.

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