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3 ways to reuse empty Impulse Coffees jars!

3 ways to reuse empty Impulse Coffees jars!

At Impulse Coffees, we try to use sustainable materials wherever possible. If you’ve been following our journey since the beginning, you would know that we switched from pouch packets to glass jars just a few weeks before we launched. While switching to glass jars helped keep our coffee fresh for longer, it also meant less waste was generated. 

The perks of using glass jars
Glass jars can very easily be reused and recycled. This drastically reduces the waste we generate and is a (small) step in the right direction. Using a glass jar also means our coffee has a longer shelf life. If you tightly close the lid of your jar of Impulse Coffees it will stay fresh for 24 months from the Date of Mfg. However, if you are a true Impulse Hustler we are confident you must have collected multiple jars of coffee. Ever wondered how you can use them? Here are 3 creative ways to use your empty Impulse Coffees jars.

1. Pen or makeup brush holder
Impulse Coffees jars make for great pen or makeup brush holders. If you are someone who has a desk job, placing your stationery in a 50 gms jar of Impulse Coffees will help you keep your desk clutter-free.

Are you a fan of all things makeup? If yes, these jars will make for the cutest storage pieces on your vanity. You can use them to store your everyday makeup brushes, lip balms and even lip liners! This will help you keep everything neat while also being easily accessible.

2. Organize your spice cabinet
As someone to is an organization fiend, I love watching reels or people organizing their spice cabinets with aesthetic jars. But let’s be honest, that can be pretty pricey. It is time to take a page out of your mother's book and reuse the glass jars you have at home!

The 50 grams Impulse Coffees jars can be great for your spices. When filled and placed in a row, they look super aesthetic and can completely transform your spice cabinets. For more staple spices like salt and sugar, you can also use our 100 gram jars. They are the perfect size for spices you need more often.

3. Make your own candles
If you love a good scented candle, why not make it home? It is super simple and cost-effective. Simply melt some paraffin wax and mix in a few drops of essential oil. Place a wick in your glass jar and pour the melted wax into your jar. Let the wax set and you got yourself a brand-new candle!

If you still haven’t purchased our uber-delicious coffee, what are you waiting for? 

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Aahana Singh

Aahana Singh

I truly love the way how you thought about the environment and gave such ideas. Anyways, we south asians know very well how recycle such stuff! 😁

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