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4 coffee and liquor pairings that will completely elevate your everyday cuppa!

4 coffee and liquor pairings that will completely elevate your everyday cuppa!

On most days, my cup of coffee feels like a hug. It keeps me company through long working hours and is also the perfect partner for a quiet Sunday morning. But your cup of coffee can sometimes be nice, you can also make it naughty and add it to your party cocktail for an upcoming weekend! The holiday season may be over, but we are here today with 4 alcohol pairings to elevate your coffee and make for outstanding cocktails.

  • Coffee liqueur
    This spirit is surely a crowd-pleaser and pairs deliciously with your coffee! Coffee liqueur is a sweet coffee-flavoured liquor that can be used to make cocktails. It adds the perfect sweetness and creamy texture to your coffee.

    We recommend you mix one shot of Impulse Coffees Pyaarbhari Chocolate Raspberry, one shot of any coffee liqueur and some ice in a tall glass. Mix well to create the perfect creamy cup of iced coffee. The tangy flavour of raspberry along with the richness of chocolate and the coffee liqueur really create a beautiful blend that is perfect for a night in!

  • Rum
    If you like your coffee warm, this spirit is the perfect companion for your cup of coffee and you. Rum is super versatile and can be paired with several cocktails. It has a sweet and sticky flavour profile that works very well with the strong and rich flavour of the coffee. And while rum tastes great with hot coffee it is equally delicious in a cold cocktail. People widely use rum in martinis, coffee-infused long island iced teas and more!

  • We recommend pairing your cold rum cocktails with Impulse Coffees Vichaar over Vanilla. The luscious aroma of our Vichaar over Vanilla will add an oomph factor to your cold coffee cocktail. And if you want to add rum to your warm cup of coffee, we recommend you pair Impulse Coffees Nutkhat Hazelnut with your cup of latte and make it a drunken latte! The nutty tones of hazelnut pair wonderfully with the flavour profile of rum.

  • Whisky
    The combination of coffee and whisky is super versatile and is sure to be a hit at parties! The flavour profile of whisky is woody, strong and rich. These notes complement the richness and robust notes of coffee. When you mix whisky and coffee it creates a strong, yet super delicious cocktail.

    Pairing whisky with Impulse Coffees Raat ki Rani Espresso is a no-brainer! The unflavoured coffee lets the woody notes in your whisky shine. It also adds a roasted flavour to your coffee because of its dark roast, which is a delight to sip on!

  • Vodka
    One of the most popular coffee cocktails is the ‘White Russian’ which is a blend of coffee, heavy cream, coffee liqueur and vodka. This drink is super popular and is sold in almost every bar across the globe. Its popularity is a testament to how well-liked the combination of coffee and vodka is.

    Adding a 30ml shot of vodka to your coffee is a great way to add some buzz to your drink while still keeping the alcohol sting to a minimum. Unflavoured vodka is perfect to add to your glass of coffee and tonic water as it makes for a simple yet refreshing cocktail. If you are not a fan of the White Russian cocktail, you can opt for a ‘Black Russian’ cocktail or an espresso martini. These are strong cocktails with no milk.

    If you want to experiment with adding vodka to your coffee, we recommend you use Impulse Coffee Mocha pe Chauka. The chocolaty and rich flavour of this coffee adds a layer of depth to your cocktail and makes for a delectable cocktail. 

  • If you’re of legal age and enjoy your cocktails occasionally, we would urge you to mix things up and try coffee cocktails! Create your delicious drink by using Impulse Coffees gourmet flavoured instant coffees for a premium experience like no other. Our coffees are Made in India with arabica beans and have no added chicory or sugar in them. Each cup of coffee is consistently delicious without any rubbery aftertaste.

    You can shop for our coffees from and order yourself some premium quality coffee!

    - Payal Upase

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