At Impulse Coffees, it is time to Keep Calm with Kaccha Aam

At Impulse Coffees, it is time to Keep Calm with Kaccha Aam

As a startup, formulating a raw mango coffee was surely a gamble. Will the customers like it? Will anyone order raw mango coffee? - these were the questions we all asked each other. But we took the plunge and what an absolute success it has been! Keep Calm with Kaccha Aam is the limited edition summer launch at Impulse Coffees where we wanted to do something different, something that was never seen before, and boy did we deliver! Not to toot our own horn, but this flavour is a complete hit. 

The citrusy notes of raw mango paired with our high-quality coffee just hits the spot. It packs a flavourful punch and is bound to become your summer staple! It tastes delicious when served hot or cold and can be had with water and milk. Yes, our Keep Calm with Kaccha Aam is perfectly safe to consume when mixed with milk. So to elevate your experience even further, we are here with two recipes featuring our summer launch, Keep Calm with Kaccha Aam.

  • Tonic water and Kaccha Aam
    Nothing beats the heat like a refreshing mocktail. You can make a super delicious one with just two ingredients. All you need is some tonic water and coffee and you’re good! Add ice to a tall glass, one shot of Keep Calm with Kaccha Aam and top it with tonic water. The combination of bubbly ice water and citrusy raw mango coffee is a total hit! If you are feeling a bit experimental, you can add a dash of pepper to your drink for a spicy zing.

  • Coffee infused mojito
    If you’re not a fan of tonic water, you can make this super delicious mojito inspired mocktail. Adding a shot of Keep Calm with Kacch Aam to a chilled glass of Sprite is lip smackingly delicious! The sweetness of Sprite perfectly balances the strong flavour of coffee. Muddle a few mint leaves and lemon wedges in a glass. Add a shot of Keep Calm with Kaccha Aam and top it off with some sprite. This makes for a delicious coffee infused virgin mojito and will make you keep wanting more.

  • These mocktails make for great welcome drinks for any party and are also a great evening drink to uplift you mood. Shop for our limited edition Keep Calm with Kaccha Aam coffee while stocks last and do let us know in the comments below how you liked it.

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    - Payal Upase

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