What is team Impulse Coffees go-to coffee recipe this summer?

What is team Impulse Coffees go-to coffee recipe this summer?

Six days a week, team Impulse Coffees is hard at work. We work relentlessly to ensure our customers get the best service, product and experience. But halfway through every work day, we are usually low on energy. Luckily, we have access to the best flavoured instant coffees that make the perfect fuel to help us get through the day. 

While in the office, we make our evening coffee using Impulse Coffees. Safe to say, this has resulted in us making countless cups of delicious coffee. Sometimes we stick to our original recipes, but there are times we experiment too! So we are here with our favourite recipes that taste amazing and have been our go-to this summer!

  • A tropical paradise
    The hot summer evenings surely call for a light refreshing beverage! The combination of coconut water and our summer launch - Impulse Coffees Keep Calm with Kaccha Aam is a match made in heaven. This drink is easy, light and has citrusy notes that hit all the right spots! 

  • For this recipe, all you need is
    - 150 ml Coconut water
    - 2 tsp of Keep Calm with Kaccha Aam
    - Lemon juice (Optional)

    Mix coconut water, coffee and lemon juice into a cup and stir until the coffee is fully dissolved. Add some ice cubes and a lemon wedge for the perfect light summer refresher.

  • A nutty affair
    There is nothing more refreshing than a creamy, frothy and delicious cold coffee! With the help of our team members, we have perfected a recipe for all our Nutkhat Hazelnut lovers.

  • For this recipe we’ll need:
    - 2tsp Impulse Coffees Nutkhat Hazelnut
    - 2tsp Sugar
    - 2 tsp milk powder
    - 1 shot of water
    - 100-150ml of milk
    - Ice cubes

    Simply add Nutkhat Hazelnut coffee, sugar, milk powder and water to a cup. Froth it until the coffee dissolves and it becomes super airy. Add some milk and ice to your cup and stir until everything combines. The milk powder in this recipe makes your coffee extra rich and complements the nutty notes of hazelnut perfectly. Pour this into a tall glass and enjoy your evening cold coffee!

    These two recipes come straight out of the Impulse Coffees HQ. They are summer friendly, delicious and are sure to leave you wanting more! 

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    - Payal Upase

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    Bought Vichaar over Vanilla…and my taste for cold coffee has changed! It’s so wonderful and the vanilla flavour just adds to the sweetness with absolutely no need for any refined sugar! Thank you Sarah and cannot wait to try out more flavours as and when I can.

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