7th July

Celebrate World Chocolate Day with your favourite flavour from Impulse Coffees! 🍫☕️

Celebrate World Chocolate Day with your favourite flavour from Impulse Coffees! 🍫☕️

While hosting any party, I make sure to nail my choice of dessert! While fruity desserts are liked, nothing beats the flavour of a good chocolaty treat. When I found out 7th July is celebrated as World chocolate day, I knew I had to do something good. You know what is better than just giving someone chocolate in this lovely monsoon weather?

Gifting them a coffee along with it! 

So paired the two classics - chocolate and Impulse Coffees to create a combinations that will be a perfect snack or treat when you are on a solo date or with your loved one!

Why do chocolate and coffee go so well together?
Both chocolate and coffee are derived from seeds of a fruit. They both undergo the same process of drying and roasting and have different varieties of intensity, flavors and richness in taste. Therefore, when paired together they enhance the flavor of each other and provide the ideal experience for your palate! We want to bring you some ideas for coffee and chocolate combinations that compliment each others flavor notes and are perfect to be had together.

  • Coffees like Impulse Coffees Raat ki Rani Espresso pair extremely well with a bold, dark chocolate, because they match in their intensity of flavor.

  • Berry, fruity and floral coffee flavors like Impulse Coffees Pyaarbhari Chocolate Raspberry and Impulse Coffees Vichaar over Vanilla pair well with milk chocolates or white chocolates. This is because the amount of cocoa is relatively less in both.

  • Nutty coffees like Impulse Coffees Nutkhat Hazelnut with less intense dark chocolates because it balances out the nutty taste with the sweetness in the chocolate. 

  • Impulse Coffees Mocha pe Chauka, being an all time popular cappuccino and hot chocolate combination, has chocolate flavors incorporated in it. Naturally, it goes well with any kind of chocolate or chocolate-based dessert. 

  • Coffees with a hint of spice or chilli go well with bitter chocolates that have a spicy flavor with some dry fruits incorporated into the chocolate.  

How to go about pairing coffee and chocolate? 
Firstly, ensure that your chocolate is at room temperature and coffee is fresh (this means its stored in an airtight container). Next, you want to first take a sip of your coffee and allow the taste to linger in your mouth. Then either take a small bite of the chocolate or place it on your tongue and allow it to melt slowly. You will notice how the two flavours blend in your mouth to give an interesting taste. Then immediately take another sip of coffee and repeat the same till you’re absolutely smacking your lips!

Happy world chocolate day from Impulse coffees!

- Roashni Rathod

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