Best desserts with coffee

These dessert pairings will elevate your Impulse Coffees experience! ☕️

These dessert pairings will elevate your Impulse Coffees experience! ☕️

At around 4 pm every day, after working for roughly 6 hours, my brain and body crave a pick me up! A cup of coffee gives me the caffeine boost I need to get through the last few hours of work. However, on most days just a cup of coffee doesn’t cut it for me. Adding a delicious sweet treat is the perfect way to keep my motivation high. The ideal dessert pairing with my cup of Impulse Coffees is what evening snack dreams are made of. This is why we are here with the perfect coffee and dessert pairings to elevate your evening coffee experience!

Impulse Coffees Vichaar over Vanilla
A cup of coffee with the sweet aroma of vanilla just engulfs me in a warm feeling! To give this an upgrade, pair your cup of Vichaar Over Vanilla with some cinnamon biscuits. The sharp flavour of cinnamon cuts through the sweet aroma of vanilla and creates a cafe-like experience. You can also opt for cinnamon-coated churros or a cinnamon roll if you’re in the mood to binge!

Impulse Coffees Mocha pe Chauka
The chocolatey coffee flavour of Mocha pe Chauka is a treat in itself. But once you pair it with a slice of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, there is no going back! The pillowy texture of the cake and the slightly tangy flavour of the cream cheese frosting with a sip of Mocha pe Chauka create a harmony like no other. It engulfs your mouth with a rich flavour and makes for the perfect evening snack.

Impulse Coffees Raat ki Rani Espresso
If you like your coffee strong, we already know that Raat ki Rani Espresso is going to be your pick. It will give the perfect caffeine kick to get you through long days. But on days when you’re hungry, you can pair it with a dessert that is basic, but hits all the right spots! A vanilla cupcake or mawa cake is an oldie, but a goodie. The sweetness of vanilla in your cupcake balances your strong cup of coffee. A sip of coffee with the flaky texture of mawa cake is a match made in heaven.

Impulse Coffees Pyaarbhari Chocolate Raspberry
Everyone who has tried this flavour from Impulse Coffees has fallen in love with it! Pyaarbhari Chocolate Raspberry is a unique blend of coffee and chocolate with a twist of raspberry. The flavour profile tastes like a dessert itself, but when paired with brownies, it creates an explosion of flavour. Enjoy your cup of Pyaarbhari Chocolate Raspberry with a walnut brownie or a cookie brownie and indulge in a sinful experience!

Impulse Coffees NutKhat Hazelnut
The newest addition to our collection, NutKhat Hazelnut is a delight to drink! A cold and tall glass of NutKhat Hazelnut is the perfect way to uplift your mood every evening. To make this an even more enjoyable experience, pair it with a dark chocolate sea salt cookie! The pairing of hazelnut with chocolate and sea salt is sure to transport you to your happy place. The bitterness of dark chocolate with the nutty flavour of hazelnut makes for a sinful treat.

So next time you pull out your bottle of Impulse Coffees, make sure to pair it with these delicious desserts for an indulgent and gourmet cafe-like experience at home!

- Payal Upase

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