Did you hear about the most नटखट coffee in town?

Did you hear about the most नटखट coffee in town?

If you relish nutty flavours, then you will absolutely adore the roasted and vibrant notes you get in every sip of Impulse Coffees नटखट Hazelnut!

With Impulse Coffees नटखट Hazelnut, you can experience the toasty aroma and sweet aftertaste without any artificial flavouring or added sugar! 

Why was it difficult to nail the hazelnut flavor?
With Nutkhat Hazelnut striking the right balance between flavour, aroma and taste was quite a tricky process. It was difficult to incorporate more of the nuttiness without making it more bitter. Since our coffee has no added sugar, too much of the hazelnut would increase the bitterness, whereas too little would have diluted the hazelnut flavour and aroma! 

How do other coffee’s have the perfect hazelnut flavor?
To our knowledge, other brands do so by adding preservatives and artificial flavouring. This helps get the perfect hazelnut flavor in instant coffee. However, artificial flavouring doesn’t have a long shelf life. Once you open a jar of coffee from other brands, you tend to lose out on the aroma and flavour pretty quickly. As you know, Impulse Coffees is 100% organic and doesn't add artificial flavours to the coffee. This is why our coffee can be preserved over time and still smell and taste fresh.

Why did the approval take so long?
Taking all of the elements into consideration, it was an extensive process to approve this flavour. But after 3 months, 14 samples and a lot of back and forth, WE NAILED IT! We’re extremely happy with the end product of the Impulse Coffees नटखट Hazelnut! and you will be too!

How should you drink Natkhat Hazelnut ?
Our CEO, Sarah Sarosh states, "Impulse Coffees नटखट Hazelnut tastes best with a milk base. Everyone knows I love my black coffee, but the ideal coffee experience for नटखट Hazelnut would come with milk. It can be a dairy or plant based milk, but with many trials, I’ve found that milk tends to enhance the nutty flavor. I like to have it with warm milk and a dash of sugar. I found  that the best way to have it is the Indian way: with ‘Doodh, Chini and Ubaal ke’!"

Impulse Coffees नटखट Hazelnut is now available to order! If you’ve tried any of our previous flavors, we’re sure you’ll love this one! Click here to order now.

- Roashni Rathod

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