Elevate your at-home coffee experience with these coffee accessories ☕️

Elevate your at-home coffee experience with these coffee accessories ☕️

It’s obvious that a coffee lover doesn’t just go out and drink coffee at different cafes to experiment and find the perfect brew. Purists are those who try to create that experience at home by making the perfect cup everytime and settle for nothing less!

If you’re one of them or strive to be one of them, then here are some ‘must-have’ coffee accessories!

  • Milk Frother (Because who doesn’t love that extra foam, right?)
    Its basic use is to create that thick, heavy foam by aerating the milk. There are mainly 2 types of frothers that are used:

    - A manual frother
    It is most commonly used by baristas to create all that cute foam art in your cafe bought coffee. A manual frother basically uses a plunger system that needs to be pushed down by your hand to create double the volume of milk in 20-30 seconds. Then you can directly add this milk to your coffee concentrate or coffee powder as per your preference. 
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    - A handheld electric frother 
    This type of a frother is most commonly used because it’s cheap and convenient to use. It’s a mini-electric mixer that can create foam on top of your coffee and it’s multi-purpose because you can use it to beat your eggs too!
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  • Drinkware (For our Impulse hustlers, who are always on the go!) 
    If you’re like our Impulse team, who’s always on the go, or just prefer walking around the house with your coffee, then a good cup is definitely a long term investment for you. The ideal choice would be something that’s durable and aesthetic! (Because of course you’ll be taking pictures for Instagram)
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  • Filter coffee maker (Because when in India, drink kaapi not coffee!)
    I’ve personally always been a huge fan of South Indian filter coffee especially with a nice South Indian breakfast! If you want to mix it up every now and then for a change of taste then making filter coffee at home is definitely a good idea! It comes with a filter, plunger and cup to collect the decoction all packed in one bottle.
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These are our recommendations for a few coffee accessories that can amp up your at-home coffee experience. To refresh your coffee stash, try Impulse Coffees Gourmet Instant Flavoured Coffees! 5 tantalizing flavours, that are sure to give you a cafe like experience at home, with or without any fancy tools. 😉

- Roashni Rathod

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