How to Make Espresso with Instant Coffee Powder

How to Make Espresso with Instant Coffee Powder
Espresso. The velvety, robust elixir that makes the world go round—or at least keeps us awake through long meetings and Netflix marathons. It's the cornerstone of many a fancy coffee shop menu, known for its deep flavor and powerful punch. But what if you could create your own version of espresso without a high-end machine right in the comfort of your kitchen? Enter instant espresso coffee powder. 
Forget about the complex contraptions and meticulous measurements. We're going to show you how to make an espresso-style coffee using nothing but instant coffee powder and a few other kitchen essentials. Prepare yourself for a caffeine experience that's quick, easy, and surprisingly satisfying. Let's brew!


  • 2 teaspoons of Instant Coffee Powder: For an espresso, go for a dark roast if possible. Impulse Coffees’ Raat ki Rani Instant Espresso Coffee powder uses dark roasted coffee beans and has a strong, intense aroma.
  • 30 ML or 60 ML of hot water: If you are looking for a single shot, then use 30 ML of boiled water and 60 ML for a double shot. 
  • Espresso cup: A small espresso cup for the authentic espresso vibes. Or a mug if you’re in a no-fuss mood.
  • Spoon


  • First things first, heat up your water. Boil it, but let it cool just a smidge.
  • Spoon a generous teaspoon (or a bit more, if you like living on the edge) of instant coffee powder into your cup.
Pro Tip: The key to a good instant espresso is using enough coffee. Underdoing it is like trying to start a race with one shoe—just not a good idea.
  • Pour just a small amount of hot water over the instant coffee.
  • This concentration is what gives the espresso its intense flavor and bold personality. Stir it vigorously to dissolve the coffee completely, creating a rich, dark brew.
  • Espresso purists might say to drink it straight, but hey, you’re the boss of your own cup. Here are a few ways to make it your own:
  • Milk or Cream: Add a splash to mellow out the intensity. Instant cappuccino, anyone?
  • Sugar or Sweeteners: A touch of sugar can balance the bitterness and bring out more flavors.
  • Fancy Flavors: A hint of vanilla extract, a sprinkle of cinnamon, or a dash of cocoa powder can turn your instant espresso into a gourmet delight.
Fun Fact: Add a little foamed milk, and you’ve just made yourself a quasi-latte. Look at you, getting all fancy!
And there you have it! A quick, easy, and flavorful way to make espresso-style coffee using instant coffee powder. Who knew that instant coffee powder could be the key to a quick and satisfying espresso experience? It’s the ultimate caffeine hack for busy mornings, late nights, or any time you need a swift pick-me-up. And the best part? No fancy equipment, no barista skills required—just you, a spoon, and a few minutes to brew up something magical.
Browse through Impulse Coffee’s  Instant Coffee powders  to make a flavorful instant coffee, we have a flavor for every mood, so get ready to brew your own cup!

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