Along with caffeine, it is the ‘GIRL BOSS’ energy that fuels the Impulse Coffees business. Even while we have progressed in terms of gender equality, there still remains a subtle prejudice against women, non-binary and trans men and women in business. The major challenge is ‘not being taken seriously enough’ or matching up to the double standards set by society.

Still, we at Impulse Coffees defy all odds and thrive!

While people might start a business to only garner success and monetary gains, most women don’t do it just for themselves, but to also inspire the future generation of young women with big dreams. We work to create a world where no one should feel like anything is impossible for them. 

On the occasion of Women’s day, we would like to introduce you to the ‘Women of Impulse’, who run the show!

Sarah Sarosh (she/her), Founder and CEO
All of you know her as ‘A Girl Just Like You’ or ‘Sarah Di’, someone who has always been a very relatable person! She is a medical student who decided to take a leap of faith and start her YouTube channel in 2017 and worked very hard to make her way to the top. Sarah has always been a hustler by nature and has always given 110% to every video or project she takes on. With her business acumen, a tonne of hard work and passion for coffee, she launched Impulse Coffees in 2021. She now leads and runs it with her team of Impulse hustlers. 

Anupriya Gala (she/her), Head of operations
Anupriya comes from a background in event management and has been Sarah’s right hand and constant support even before Impulse Coffees came to life. She manages everything on the back end, as well as customer relations to optimize the day to day operations. A ball of energy, Anupriya is surely the one to help Impulse Coffees function smoothly.

Dixitha Veigas (she/her), Social Media Manager
If you’ve been enjoying our posts on social media lately, let us introduce the person behind the making of these posts! Dixitha is the newest member of our team of hustlers and is surely a ball of creativity. She is responsible for the aesthetics and fresh content you see on Impulse Coffees socials every day!

Pooja Bhanot (she/her), The biggest cheerleader for Impulse Coffees
Despite being a full-time occupational therapist and Sarah’s brand manager, Pooja has always been there to support Impulse with shoots, different launches and tackling small hiccups in the way! We definitely owe thanks to her dedication and shared passion towards this business has definitely been a contributor to its success. 

Every entrepreneur knows that ‘the people’ you work with are the heart and soul of the company. It can be a process to find people who share the same passion and values as you and match your wavelength. This is an important factor that helps set a rhythm to the work and reflects in the success of the company in the long run. 

This is a token of appreciation to EVERYONE, women and men of Impulse Coffees, who have joined us on this venture and made Impulse what it is today! Sabiha and Anwar Sarosh, Amit Dey, Tamanna Israni, Roshani Rathod, Yashodhan Bhatt, Payal Upase and Ashveen Kaur.

We would like to wish everyone out there a very Happy Women’s day on behalf of the Impulse team!

As Sarah always says, Keep hustling! And don’t forget to fuel your hustle with Impulse Coffees. Order your dose of Impulse Coffees today!

- Roshani Rathod

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Akankha Bhattacharjee

Akankha Bhattacharjee

You guys inspire a lot of girls like me …I adore you , sending lots of love from the bottom of my heart..

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