We at Impulse coffees talk a lot about our coffee being ethically and sustainably sourced from the fields of South India. If you’re wondering what this means, we are here to educate you. We believe in being 100% transparent with our Impulse Hustlers and about  our manufacturing process. So, here’s a small peek to help you decode and support these weighted claims.

Why is being ‘ethical and sustainable’ so important?
In case you are not aware, ‘ethical and sustainable’ is a trend going on among businesses. This is a system whereby, sourcing and manufacturing of the product will benefit the local manufacturers and society at large. Moreover, it will reduce any harmful impact on the environment.

Impulse coffees are sourced from the fields of Chikmagalur in Karnataka ,which is known for its large coffee estates. One of our main reasons for not choosing to import our coffee was largely driven by the ‘Vocal for Local’ movement, which urges the use of raw materials from India itself. 

Why are we so determined on the manufacturing process being in India?

  • Coffee is roasted in smaller batches
    This means that a lesser quantity of coffee is roasted in a higher capacity cylinder rather than filling the cylinder to full capacity.This allows the coffee beans to move around freely and roast evenly, whereas in larger batches beans are unevenly roasted. Moreover, a smaller batch requires the roaster to be alert and monitor the entire process to ensure the beans are not burnt. This is the ultimate quality control that can be achieved by roasting in smaller batches.

  • We can oversee the manufacturing process
    We can control the manufacturing process and promptly address any issues or delays as soon as they happen.

  • We are supporting our economy by sourcing from local farmers.
    Our farmers are the reason we all have food on our plates. We at Impulse wanted to support them in whatever we can and help them build their livelihood as well.

  • Environmental friendly packaging
    We opt for glass bottle packaging since, not only is it recyclable but also reusable in Indian households.

  • Sustainable coffee
    Given the volatility of the market, often farmers expand their plantations by cutting down forests in the vicinity. High demand and competitive markets exploit these farmers forcing them to use the land to a point soil erosion. This makes coffee unsustainable. Even though you may find the prices of the commercial coffee cheaper, ultimately in terms of conservation we eventually may have to pay a much bigger price in the future. Our practices ensure that no one including the environment has to suffer the consequences of the consumer culture. 

  • As a consumer you should be aware of what brands you consume and their manufacturing process. Being ‘woke’, as we call it, is the only way of supporting the environment and the country. We proudly claim our brand as ethical and sustainable, and our quality is nothing short of exceptional.

    Try for yourself and order Impulse Coffees today!

    - Roashni Rathod

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