Bulletproof Coffee

The new trending healthy coffee recipe ☕️

The new trending healthy coffee recipe ☕️

There’s a lot buzz going around in the coffee world about ‘Bulletproof’ coffee.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, we are here to catch you up! Drinking bulletproof coffee every morning is beneficial as it kills pesky cravings, boosts cognitive function, triggers fat-burning and boosts your immunity since it’s free of mycotoxins. Hence, the name ‘Bulletproof’ coffee.

We at Impulse Coffees are here with our version of the Bulletproof coffee. This drink is sure to give you the kick it needs and to get you through your day.

What you will need:

  1. Impulse coffee (flavour depending on your preference)
  2. Room temperature or warm water
  3. Desi ghee or unsalted butter
  4. MCT oil OR Coconut oil (optional) 

How to make it:

  • Take 1 tablespoon of Impulse coffees and mix it with ½ or ⅔ cups warm water depending on how strong you prefer your coffee to be
  • Add this into a blender and pour 1-1.5  tablespoon desi ghee 
  • If you have MCT oil, you can add 1 teaspoon into the mixture. (If you are trying MCT for the first time, it has been suggested you start with a smaller quantity and then increase it to 1 tablespoon gradually)
  • Blend all of this in your mixer for 30-50s till the mixture looks like milk coffee. If you don’t have a mixer you can use a milk frother instead. 
  • Then pour the mixture into a cup, add some cinnamon powder for flavor. Preferably don’t add any sweeteners. 

This recipe makes 1 cup serving.

What are the alternatives to ghee?
There are a few different versions of this coffee in which ghee has been substituted with:

  1. Extra virgin coconut oil 
  2. Butter 
  3. Grass-fed ghee/butter (higher content of omega 3 fatty acids and heart-healthy CLA)

If you don’t have MCT oil you can make this drink with only ghee and coffee, since it still has health benefits.

A bulletproof coffee is a great addition to your special diet. However, we do recommend doing your due diligence and consulting a dietician before adding this coffee to your diet.This coffee may seem a little strong at first, but the delicious flavours of Impulse Coffees surely amps it up! Head over to impulsecoffees.com and shop for our gourmet coffees today!

- Roashni Rathod

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Cynthia Crawley

Cynthia Crawley

Hi, These delightful coffee recipes are really making me buzz still! Great tips for all coffee addicts (like me). I love to read every blog related to coffee. So, your ideas are very creative and useful. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

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