Which Impulse Coffees flavour tastes best hot or cold?

There are two types of people in the world - people who like their coffee cold and others who like it piping hot. But I also know many of us belong to the third category, people who like both! I belong to the latter and choose whether I want to have hot or cold coffee based on my mood. But recently while trying different concoctions of Impulse Coffees flavours, I had a revelation. I preferred certain coffee flavours when they were either hot or cold. So we are here to uncover the mystery and find out, which flavour from Impulse Coffees tastes best when served hot or cold.

Impulse Coffees Raat ki Rani Espresso
A cup of hot Impulse Coffees Raat ki Rani Espresso is godsend! If you prefer strong coffee, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with this flavour when served hot. The roast of Raat ki Rani Espresso is strong and hits all the right spots. So while it tastes delicious cold, we prefer drinking it hot!

Impulse Coffees Vichaar over Vanilla
A fan favourite and for all the right reasons. The fragrant aroma and lip-smacking flavour of Impulse Coffees Vichaar over Vanilla are enhanced when served cold. Blend a shot of Vichaar over Vanilla with some chilled milk and ice to get the best cold coffee experience! There are some winter mornings when I want a hot cup of Vichaar over Vanilla, but if you ask me, try it cold. You’ll thank me later!

Impulse Coffees Mocha pe Chauka
The perfect blend of chocolate and coffee makes for a great cold beverage but is further elevated when served piping hot. Impulse Coffees Mocha pe Chauka offers a rich and divine flavour profile, like no other coffee. A chilly evening, a warm cup of Mocha pe Chauka and my favourite novel - does it get better than that?

Impulse Coffees NutKhat Hazelnut
The well-balanced flavour of Impulse Coffees NutKhat Hazelnut is an absolute smash hit. The flavour of nutty hazelnut combined with coffee is a match made in heaven. When served cold, it gets even better. A tall glass of chilled NutKhat Hazelnut served with some cookies in the evening, is the motivation we all need to hustle through the rest of the day!

Impulse Coffees Pyaarbhari Chocolate Raspberry
Our most unique and versatile flavour, Pyaarbhari Chocolate Raspberry is a must-try in a hot and cold medium. Try our exclusive flavour with some tonic water and get ready to be addicted. The blend of Impulse Coffees Pyaarbhari Chocolate Raspberry and tonic water tastes like the perfect mid-week mocktail we all need! You can also have this flavour with some cold milk for an experience like never before. 

While testing our Impulse Coffee flavours, we make sure each flavour tastes best when served hot and cold. And while all our flavours can be served in several different ways, these are our favourites! What is your favourite way to drink Impulse Coffees? Let us know in the comments below.

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- Payal Upase

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