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5 coffee toppings that are a complete hit!

5 coffee toppings that are a complete hit!

We all have our classic coffee recipe. It is usually one that is super easy to make, delicious and hits just the right spots. But it is time to spice up your coffee and add a decadent twist to it! We are here with 5 coffee toppings that are sure to elevate your cup of Impulse Coffees and give you a cafe like experience at home!

1. Caramel
If you’re a fan of sweet coffee and love a toasty flavour, then caramel is a great addition! Caramel adds rich flavour and depth to your cup of coffee. You can also jazz up your drink and opt for salted caramel instead. Caramel can also be used as a sweetener, instead of your regular sugar or honey. You can pair a strong cup of Impulse Coffees Raat ki Rani Espresso with some caramel syrup. This makes for a perfectly balanced drink that can be enjoyed in the evening.

2. Ice cream
A scoop or two of rich vanilla ice cream on top of your cup of cold coffee is a sinful indulgence. You can also make an affogato, if you’re feeling fancy, and add vanilla ice cream to hot coffee or a shot of espresso. The creamy texture of ice cream cuts through the bitterness of coffee and gives it a luxurious flavour! A cup of Impulse Coffees Mocha pe Chauka is like a match made in heaven to pair with vanilla ice cream.

3. Whipped cream
Do you want to replicate a frappe from your favourite coffee chain at home? Just add some whipped cream! This topping can elevate the visual experience of your coffee and make it feel cafe bought. Adding whipped cream to your cup of Impulse Coffees Pyaarbhari Chocolate Raspberry is the midday motivation you need! You can further elevate it by adding baileys or peppermint extract to your whipped cream.

4. Cinnamon powder
If you want to add a new flavour profile to your cup of coffee but don’t want anything fancy, cinnamon powder is your best bet! A dash of cinnamon powder adds a rich earthy flavour to your coffee. If you want to feel the fall vibes, you can add cinnamon powder to Impulse Coffees NutKhat Hazelnut. The flavour combination of nutty and earthy are sure to make you feel cosy. But remember to add just a dash of cinnamon powder and not more.

5. Cocoa powder
Another simple yet effective coffee topping is cocoa powder. Just a dash of it will effectively make your coffee more indulgent and earthy. You can also add chocolate chips or syrup if you want something that looks cuter. But dusting some cocoa powder on your cup of Impulse Coffees Vichaar over Vanilla is sure to get you addicted.

Do try these 5 coffee toppings and let us know which one is your favourite. Don’t forget to shop for your bottle of Impulse Coffees and experience the gourmet coffee experience at home!

- Payal Upase

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