4 add-ons that will make your hot chocolate extra decadent

4 add-ons that will make your hot chocolate extra decadent

A cold night and a hot beverage are like a match made in heaven! But as we near the last month of the year, our craving for a warm cup of hot chocolate gets stronger. Lucky for us, our favourite brand Impulse Coffees is here with their super special launch - Hum Tum aur Hot Chocolate. This super rich, creamy and yummy hot chocolate is just what your cold evenings need! Each sip of Impulse Coffees Hum Tum aur Hot Chocolate wraps you in a warm hug and completely soothes the soul. While this premium drinking hot chocolate is indulgent by itself, we are here to help you make it even more decadent. Here are 4 add-ons you must incorporate into your hot chocolate recipe to make it extra sinful!

  • Marshmallows
    Marshmallows and hot chocolate is the perfect pairing for all the right reasons. A few marshmallows added to your cup of hot chocolate will melt perfectly and add creaminess to it. It makes your hot chocolate richer and just makes it taste better!

  • Rum
    If you’re in the mood for something extra special, adding a dash of rum will completely elevate your hot chocolate. The slightly bitter flavour of rum perfectly cuts through the sweetness of your hot chocolate. Prepare your hot chocolate as you usually would and add a tbsp or two of rum and stir well. If you want to experiment with different alcohols, you can also opt for whiskey, amaretto or bourbon. This is the perfect drink to begin your weekend with. It also makes for a sinful drink for your at-home date night!

  • Whipped cream
    Another classic topping, whipped cream and hot chocolate paired together are a no-brainer. Whipped cream is a great way to thicken your hot chocolate and also make it creamier. If you’re beating your own whipped cream, you can add a bit of baileys or peppermint extract to it and make it extra yummy!

  • Condensed milk
    This may sound like it would make your hot chocolate unbearably sweet, but trust us! Adding a spoon of condensed milk will make your mug of Impulse Coffees Hum Tum aur Hot Chocolate extra special. It gives it a rich and creamy flavour. You can also caramelize your condensed milk a bit and turn it into a dulce-de-leche! This adds a nutty edge to your hot chocolate and makes it extra decadent.

  • Have we made you crave a cup of hot chocolate? Order the LIMITED EDITION Impulse Coffees Hum Tum aur Hot Chocolate and enjoy the chilly winters the right way!

    - Payal Upase

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