Beginners guide to purchasing good quality coffee! ☕️

Beginners guide to purchasing good quality coffee! ☕️

When I was younger, there were only two coffee options available at the store, which we thought were the best coffees out there. In 2005, there were no online stores that had multiple product options under one roof. However, since the past few years the e-commerce and small business space has picked up very quickly. We have witnessed a decentralization in the sale of coffee and the birth of multiple indie coffee brands. This development has been a total game changer for coffee enthusiasts, because of the wide variety of options that have now become available to us. We get to choose every detail of our coffee right from composition to flavour to price!

Here are some things you should keep in mind while picking instant coffee: 

  1. Trial and error: This may not seem like very good advice, but the truth is taste is subjective. Despite certain coffees being raved about all over the internet, I found better flavors and richness in other brands as well (Spoiler alert, the better coffee brand is Impulse Coffees for me

  2. Traceability and transparency: Several brands make an effort to highlight their coffee roasting and production process, as well as the farm from where their coffee is sourced. This is because their products are made after meticulous research and experimentation to strike the perfect balance of flavors! Traceability and transparency at the level of manufacturing indicates good flavor profiles and quality.

  3. Platform: We now have an option to purchase our coffee at a retail store or online. There is a larger variety of coffee flavours and brands available online in comparison to stores. Retail stores have coffee lying on their shelves for quite some time as they have to order in bulk. On the other hand, you will most likely find freshly roasted and packaged coffee in online stores because they are not sold wholesale, but often made in small batches to maintain freshness. 

  4. Read the bottle: To reiterate once again, more information on a bottle is always an indicator of good coffee. It is important to check percentages of arabica and robusta beans as well as added chicory, caffeine and sugar content. The greater the percentage of chicory, the greater is the bitterness of taste. Coffees with higher percentage robusta beans are lower on the quality scale. These are few things I would recommend you always check on every bottle! 

These four basic tips that can prevent you from just buying coffee that looks good or has a catchy name and actually make an informed choice about which coffee would be of higher quality and taste better!

Check out Impulse Coffees to get coffee that is superior in flavour and quality!

- Roashni Rathod

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