Looking to experiment with your coffee order? Here is an ultimate guide to different coffees you'll surely love! - Part 2

Looking to experiment with your coffee order? Here is an ultimate guide to different coffees you'll surely love! - Part 2

A day without coffee is my nightmare. It is my motivation to wake up every morning, the boost of energy I need before working out and my partner in crime during every all-nighter. While a classic americano or cold coffee is delicious, but at times I want to  experiment with different coffee recipes! Here are five types of coffees and how you can recreate them with Impulse Coffees Gourmet Flavoured Instant Coffees.


  • Mocha
    If you love hints of chocolate with a coffee punch, a cup of mocha is the perfect coffee for you. It is a great pick me up for your evening cup of coffee. To make a mocha, you just need three ingredients - chocolate powder, a shot of coffee and steamed milk. Use one part of the Impulse Coffees Mocha pe Chauka and add some chocolate powder to it. Mix it well and add two parts of milk to your coffee and chocolate concoction. Froth this well and create a super tasty cup of Caffè mocha.

  • Macchiato
    If you’re a fan of cappuccinos’, we’re sure you’ll love macchiatos’ as well. A macchiato is a small cup of coffee, that packs a punch. It is relatively strong as it is made with a shot of espresso. Start by frothing your steamed milk until it has foam on top. Pour one shot of Impulse Coffees Raat Ki Rani Espresso into your serving cup. Add the same quantity of milk and make sure you add a thick layer of foam. Sprinkle some chocolate powder or cinnamon into your drink to create your scrumptious macchiato! You can also add some additional flavour to your macchiato with some vanilla or caramel syrup!

  • Irish Coffee
    If you plan to stay in this Saturday night, a cup of Irish coffee is the perfect dose of boozy coffee you need. Irish coffees are delicious and will surely get you buzzed! For Irish coffee, start by brewing Impulse Coffees Pyaarbhari Chocolate Raspberry. Add 1 tbsp Irish whiskey and some brown sugar to your brew and heat until it is well combined. Pour this into your serving glass and top with softly beaten fresh cream. The flavour of chocolate and raspberry pairs brilliantly with the whiskey and gives you the perfect Saturday night feeling!

  • Frappe
    If you don’t like bitter coffees, a frappe is the perfect sweet yet caffeinated indulgence! It is a blended coffee with lots of ice, milk and whipped cream. The perfect coffee flavour for your frappe is Impulse Coffees NutKhat Hazelnut! The flavour profile of this coffee is perfectly balanced and adds the right amount of hazelnut flavour without adding any syrup or additional flavour. To your blending jar add milk, a shot of NutKhat Hazelnut, ice and milk. Blend till you get a slushy type texture. Top with whipped cream for the cafe like frappe experience at home!

  • Affogato
    Want to add a caffeine kick to your ice cream? An affogato is a recipe you must try! It is a super simple two-ingredient drink that is the perfect brunch dessert. Add two scoops of vanilla ice cream to a coffee cup and pour a shot of Impulse Coffees Vichaar over Vanilla. You can add brownie crumbs or even shave some chocolate for a delectable dessert drink!

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    So next time you want to experiment with your coffee, make sure you recreate or order any of these delicious concoctions! For your stash of premium coffee, shop on Impulse Coffees today!

    - Payal Upase

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