3 coffee desserts that are irresistible!

3 coffee desserts that are irresistible!

As the clock strikes 5 pm, I start to crave some coffee. And you know what makes my evening cup of coffee better? A sweet treat to go with it! And while I love to pair my coffee with delicious desserts or cookies, sometimes I crave something more indulgent. So why not mix two of my favourite things and make some of the best coffee-flavoured desserts. These are 3 dessert ideas are truly delicious and help me get that coffee kick.

  •  Tiramisu
    Tiramisu is a classic coffee dessert, but it always hits the spot. It is indulgent, but also comforting at the same time. Coffee soaked ladyfinger biscuits along with the creamy filling of mascarpone and whipped cream are like a match made in heaven!

    To soak your ladyfinger biscuits in coffee, we recommend using Impulse Coffees Mocha pe Chauka. This chocolaty and decadent coffee will add a punch of coffee flavour and elevate the flavour of your tiramisu up a notch! Don’t forget to sprinkle your tiramisu with some cocoa powder to give it that additional flavour.

  • Coffee cake
    While we love a good tiramisu, the ingredients sometimes can be difficult to find. In that case, why not bake a delicious coffee cake? Coffee cakes are everything we love in dessert - sweet, delicious and coffee flavoured!

    Pro-tip, make sure to dissolve the coffee granules in some milk/water before adding them to your cake batter. For your coffee cake, we recommend using Impulse Coffees Vichaar over Vanilla. This flavour adds a delicious vanilla flavour and aroma to your coffee cake.

    To make your coffee cake even more indulgent, you can add a simple chocolate or vanilla glaze on top!

    Looking for a coffee cake recipe? Click here to find the best one!

  • Affogato
    While we all loved a well baked coffee dessert, sometimes we want something quick but delicious. That is when an Affogato should be your pick! This simple coffee dessert has a kick of caffeine and the richness of ice cream - two things you can never go wrong with! (Especially when you use Impulse Coffees)

    For an affogato, simply brew some Impulse Coffees Nutkhat Hazelnut. Pour the hot coffee into a cup and top it with vanilla ice cream. This hot coffee and cold ice cream will create a beautiful dessert beverage that you will fall in love with. 

  • These 3 coffee desserts are a great way to elevate your regular sweet treats and also to get an extra dose of coffee! Don’t forget to shop from Impulse Coffees to get a cafe-like coffee experience at home.

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